Jadina Lilien

Jadina Lilien has led workshops in Ancestral Family Constellations nationally and internationally. Her training began at the Bert Hellinger Institure USA and continued with other trainers in the field. Indra’s net is a symbol of the process Jadina integrates into the sessions and based on the dynamics of the Systemic Constellation work inspired by Bert Hellinger, the International Focusing Process, a technique taught by Gene Gendlin, and the original thought lived by Indigenous Peoples connected to the sacred intelligence of the earth. Also included is the understanding of the creative process and how this can be applied not only to projects, but to life. Bert Hellinger worked with the Zulu tribes of Africa, learned their ways of living, and then brought this learning to the West. He writes that each family system has a conscience that requires that all members be connected and remembered in a particular way. If someone in the system is not remembered correctly then younger members, out of love, or the need to belong, can become "entangled" with their ancestors, particularly with those who have been excluded, forgotten or shunned, or have experienced a difficult fate. Unconscious entanglements are behind many of the issues that are explored in these constellations. Our entanglements with our ancestors can form knots – sacred knots – that can be untangled and eased by being brought to consciousness in Creative Constellation work.