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Jadina Lilien MFA CPF

Jadina Lilien MFA  Art/Creative Coaching

Professional Systemic Family Coach

International Focusing Trainer 

Jadina Lilien is a Creative Coach  who also leads workshops in Ancestral Family Constellations in person and online. Her training began at  New York University in the Creative Arts. Her studies connected to Family Constellations includes the Bert Hellinger Institute USA and continued with other trainers in the Systemic Field in Europe. Her coaching is influenced by her studies in the International Focusing Process, a technique taught by Gene Gendlin, and the original thought lived by Indigenous Peoples connected to the sacred intelligence of the earth. Involved in all of her work is the understanding of the creative process and how this can be applied not only to projects, but to life. Her work with teacher Llewelyn Vaughan-Lee includes teachings on meditation, dreams and the shadow and symbolic work of Active Imagination [Karl Jung]. Jadina’s MFA was focused on the wounded child and creativity. Where the inner and the outer worlds meet has a profound relationship to life.

Jadina works with artists, entrepreneurs, small businesses and other people who want to live the potential of a human being connecting this possibility to reality.