Systemic Ancestral Constellations

Systemic Ancestral Constellations

Constellations Coaching is a way to activate the potential of a human being. To be seen and accepted for who you are giving you the momentum to live a life with meaning. This process works by understanding what you’re presently constellating, which opens up to more possibilities. See where the creative spark of life diminished — where a repetitive pattern passed from one generation to another stopping a movement forward. This work can reveal the story you are here to live, the seeds that began with your ancestors. By honoring this existence as a continuum you step out of the systemic ways that operate within families, the part you’ve played that doesn’t work any more. 

In these sessions I listen to the unique individual story recognizing the connection to the “Story of Stories”. See your relationship with the past, your hidden loyalties out of love, carrying someone else’s fate as a need to belong, and other ways of entanglement with your family and ancestors. Becoming conscious of what’s unconscious creates an opening to your creativity and the relationship with the earth — a similar story of creation. 

“It is part of a family tree. We are continuously living the ancestral life, reaching back for centuries, we are satisfying the appetites of unknown ancestors, nursing instincts which we think are our own, but which are quite incompatible with our character; we are not living our own lives, we are paying the debts of our forefathers.” —Carl Jung 

After the initial session, continued coaching work is custom designed to what you need, to help integrate the changes so they become part of your life. Jadina Lilien is also available as a consultant using organizational constellations for small businesses, personal support for artwork and other projects facilitating the flow from beginning to end.