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Joanna Leffeld

Joanna has been volunteering in the end of life field for several decades. She began as a visiting volunteer at Sloan Kettering Cancer Hospital in the early 90’s and went on to train as a hospice volunteer. During COVID, she became a certified End of Life Doula and most recently completed a 2 year collective trauma training program with Thomas Huebl at the end of 2023. Joanna is helping patients, family members and others explore what it means to consciously plan a sacred end of life.

As a New York City-based Certified Financial Planner, Joanna achieved financial success early in her career, yet she felt a deep longing to make more of a significant impact on peoples’ lives, based on the conviction that material abundance alone no guarantee of a rich, meaningful life. Continuing to ponder the question of what is essential in creating a life well lived Joanna spent decades studying yoga, meditation and most recently, collective trauma. Weaving these ancient practices together has helped her identify the tools necessary to come into alignment thereby cultivating a life of abundance.

Joanna offers workshops for individuals and couples through public outreach to schools, libraries and holistic health communities. Her workshops feature experiential exercises, journaling, art making and yoga.  Joanna’s holistic approach balances monetary know-how  to confidently navigate our ever increasingly complex world with bringing to light one’s life values to ensure a life of abundance.