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Rae Leonard

Rae Leonard is an author, a coach, and a frequency guided intuitive. She guides her coterie with relish, giving sparkling energetic adjustments charged with love, comfort, and inspiration. Her areas of expertise that she draws on include Jivamukti Yoga, VortexHealing®, Master Cleansing and Conscious Language.

You might spot her somewhere along the Eastern Seaboard in her Sprinter. She could possibly be deciphering notes from napkins outside Stone Age Kitchen in Chestertown or nodding off in a hammock in the Hudson Valley. Very often she’s near the fountain in Forsyth Park, Savannah waiting for the owls to land and quench their thirst at dusk.
Her book, HIGH SOBRIETY: A trip out of the bottle into your intuition, is available on her website and Amazon. Be in touch and say hello! She would love to hear from you!