Frequency Guided Coaching

Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. This is not philosophy. It is physics.
— Albert Einstein

Frequency Guided Coaching came about when Rae Leonard combined her intuitive coaching practice with a frequency device called Healy. Healy analyzes the specific frequencies in the body causing imbalances and delivers exactly the frequencies needed to bring the body back into bioenergetic balance. Healy technology also offers an effortless way to change one’s subconscious programming, which is Rae’s most favored and rewarding way to work with the device!

In your session you can either receive biofeedback to address specific physical issues or grounding frequencies that will assist you with the stresses of daily life. Alternatively, we can focus on reaching higher states of consciousness by crafting your own personal prophecy and intention fueled with the feelings of your desires already manifested. When you are ready, we plug your intention into the quantum field where the sensor finds your subconscious triggers and chips away at them! Either option you choose you will leave feeling energized and refreshed with noticeable benefits arising long after our session.

Being a harmonized vibrational match to your desires allows you to consciously create your day and is the key to enjoying jubilant health, working in full optimization, living your full potential, and easily being able to share your gifts with others. You will step into the beingness of knowing your aspirations are already here in the present moment!