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Shellie Gretah Fraddin, Ph.D

Shellie Gretah Fraddin, Ph.D. is a Health and Longevity Coach/Speaker, supporting older adults to experience health and wellness throughout their aging process. She graduated magna cum laude from La Salle University in 1994 at the age of 55, with a doctorate in Holistic Health Sciences.

She is an Octogenarian and brings more than 60yrs of professional training and experience to the community. Dr. Shellie practices what she preaches and will help you build happiness, resilience, immunity, curiosity and self-confidence during your work together.

My focus is to teach and inspire clients to adopt healthier lifestyle habits and to create a life filled with passion and purpose.  We look at your current reality and set achievable goals and an action plan to inspire you along the way.

Encouraged by a combination of current health trends, mind and body modalities, Diet and Nutrition information, Happiness training, Zumba Fitness exercises, Laughter therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), clients can look forward to each decade with enthusiasm and optimism.