Health and Longevity Coaching

Health and Longevity Coaching inspires older adults to create a healthy, fulfilled life throughout their aging process. Private sessions/classes examine how your lifestyle, diet and thought patterns affect how you age.   We teach and inspire clients to adopt healthier lifestyle habits and create a life filled with joy, passion and purpose. 

We explore the areas of your life where you feel stuck and uncover how your current thoughts create your feeling, action and result. You have more control over your longevity than you may realize. Together, we create a plan to make positive shifts and changes to help you build a life you love, with resilience, immunity, curiosity and self-confidence. We look at your current reality and set achievable goals and an action plan to inspire you along the way.

Aging is a beautiful experience and a season to be celebrated. Encouraged by a combination of current health trends, mind and body modalities, nutrition information, clients can look forward to each decade with enthusiasm and optimism.