Nutrition Counseling

Holly's holistic approach to nutrition meets you where you are on your health journey. There are many dietary theories about what's healthy, and so much conflicting information, it can be confusing to know what is best for you. It's natural to feel perplexed.

If you know you want to feel better and don't know where to begin, Holly's knowledge and gentle guidance will help you to understand the messages your body is giving you. Learn how to truly nourish yourself, on the plate and beyond the plate, in this season of your life. Holly will give you food and cooking recommendations to support your body's needs.

If you have any of the following concerns, nutrition counseling can help:

  • low energy
  • frequent colds/ flu
  • sleep issues
  • blood sugar issues
  • monthly menstrual cycle struggles
  • perimenopause and menopausal challenges
  • inflammation/ pain
  • weight gain
  • heart issues
  • mood swings/ anxiety
  • and so much more.