Spacious Heart Guidance

Spacious Heart Guidance is the work that comes through Wendy Wolosoff-Hayes, incorporating Matrix Energetics, and Morphic Awakening. It is based on consciousness rather than on physical touch, and it facilitates change on all levels (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual).

When one drops into the space of the heart, one opens to the universal field of energy that is the birthplace of everything — all thoughts, all feelings, all circumstances. From that field, change happens easily, quickly, and painlessly.

Matrix Energetics: A consciousness technology based on our identity as light and information, Matrix allows for disentanglement and play with all circumstances that we experience.

Morphic Awakening: A morphic field is an organizing field of information comprising all thought, emotion, and knowledge on the subject at hand. It tends to become habitual, and its replication makes us believe that it is immutable. With Morphic Awakening, Wendy sets the perfect field for what is desired, and clears away any weaknesses that interfere with it, making it easier for the patient to manifest what he or she wants.