Hypnotherapy / Past Life Regression Therapy

Memories of all of our life experiences are stored at the deeper levels of our consciousness where there are no time boundaries, without distinguishing the emotional memories of “then” from “now.” This can mean that what happened in our past lives can affect the way we experience the world today.  When there is unfinished business in these stored memories, for example; unresolved conflicts, passing from the life with fear or pain or confusion, we my find ourselves looking for solutions today for issues that simply are not a part of our current life. Past life regression therapy can make it possible for those key events to be re-visited and the issues and relationships resolved where they happened. Past life regression sessions are often expected to be an experience similar to viewing a video filled with details of the place, the time, the people, the emotions, the events. However, recalling a past life is not only an experience that is unique to each individual, it is a skill that, like any other, increases with practice.  For most people, it is likely that the first venture into past life regression will contain the elements that carry the emotions of that time without a great deal of detail. In later sessions, and we all have many lives to be explored, the recall will be more complete. Whether the lifetime that is explored in a session is one with a few elements recalled, or one where the experience seems very complete, the key factors that can lead to a resolution of the issues from that lifetime will most likely be experienced.