Counseling for Your Soul

A counseling modality developed by Bradley Berg who, after decades in the mental health field, developed his own style of helping people become clear and strong enough to manage difficult issues and overcome obstacles, allowing his clients to move through life with a greater level of comfort and meaning.


“Of course, it’s really the personality that does the counseling, and if it is productive, then your soul has an easier chance to shine through.

Our work together starts with us developing a comfortable and positive connection, as we endeavor to recognize and overcome the challenges you face.  Yes, you can feel better about yourself and your life.  I will help you help yourself.

You will be encouraged to be a creative participant in our work, and I can offer insight and techniques to use in managing your inner sense of yourself, and your outer, daily life.

You should expect to experience enhanced clarity, your own new insights, practical techniques to use, a greater sense of wellbeing, and a deeper sense of your own soul.

Are you ready?”