Spinal Balancing

Sessions include a blend of the following three modalities, customized to the recipient’s specific needs of the moment:

Applied Kinesiology is a dynamic functional neuro-muscular examination and treatment procedure utilizing muscle testing and balancing techniques. Particularly useful for assessment and treatment of problem areas in both the musculoskeletal and visceral organ systems. AK muscle function tests reveal imbalances and disturbed patterns of neurological functioning that influence a host of body functions. The correction of these discovered dysfunctions can result in dramatic improvements in a wide variety of health complaints.

Jin Shin Jyutsu is a gentle/meditative bodywork that effectively harmonizes and redirects the flow of “CHI” or vital energy in the body to bring about the resolution of local disturbances and systemic healing. It is common for recipients to experience a sense of floating or light sleep during a session. This occurs because the harmonization of chi is regularly accompanied by a change in brain wave function to the alpha rhythm, a wave form associated with enhanced immune functioning, tissue repair, meditation and sleep states.

Vertical Axis Joint and Spinal Motion is a procedure of passive range of motion techniques developed over 40+ years of chiropractic practice assisting patients with impairments to spinal and other major joints of the body. These hands-on assisted spinal and other joint movements release restrictions to free motion known as fixations that result in compromise to the healthy biomechanics of the whole body vertical axis. Freeing these restrictions, restoring alignment, balance and support to the spine and other joints of the vertical axis allows the greatest enjoyment possible of our physical embodiment.

Everyone receives gentle hands-on attention to the body’s spinal vertical axis to activate or restore freer movement of each individual segment of the spine from head to tailbone. Introducing and assisting greater range of motion within the spine allows alignment of the vertical axis in a way that supports balanced, healthy function of the nervous system to optimize its coordination of body wide physiologic activity. Alignment and freedom of movement within the spine and the whole vertical axis of the body encourages the free flow of vital energy through all the physical and the many more subtle pathways through the various layers and levels of our body and being such as the electro-magnetic field, acupuncture meridian system, chakra system, polarity and yogic nadis systems. Freedom of movement and energy flow together with musculoskeletal  strength and support allows pain to resolve and healing to begin, accelerate, and come to its fullest possible expression.