Outer Edge Coaching

Sometimes in life, we need a discerning ear and companion along the way. As we confront major transitions such as death, grief, birth, loss, commitment, unexpected joy, and other profound circumstances, we seek a witness to navigate these moments, to be with someone who is aware of and experienced with the challenges that the Divine presents us. 


My approach to this accompaniment engages prayer, healing, counsel, and guidance through compassionate listening. Together we find ways in which spiritual and psychological processes, deep inquiry and personalized ritual can serve you in navigating the present moment of your life. I draw from a multi-faith perspective that is also inclusive of non-religious, humanist approaches to providing support.


Through my coaching practice, The Outer Edge, I offer personal and organizational coaching, employing the modalities of Kaleidoscopic (Family/Systemic) Constellations, ritual, and pastoral guidance. My specialties include working with healers and creatives, as they achieve the true expression of their soul’s mission, combining hard-headed strategy with heart-centered intuition.


You can learn more about my practice on this website: https://www.theouteredge.net/

 Kathleen Mandeville