Work / Life Coaching

Have you ever hit a snag in navigating your worklife and wished there was someone to help you sort it out? Most of us turn to friends or family but end up with advice that might not take the full picture into account, leaving one floundering with a dissatisfying work life. Or have you had a hard time managing your projects and needed someone to help you untangle and sort out your own working style and how to get things done? Have you wished you had someone to help you draft your resume or cover letters, or deal with navigating office politics? Have you hit a wall in your creative process and not known what to do about it?

I help people sort out all kinds of work related problems. I am dedicated to supporting people as they make decisions, transitions, handle complicated work situations, navigate or avoid burnout, work with difficult people, or just find themselves dissatisfied with work. We discern what matters to you at a core level, then we navigate with your best interests in mind.