Herbal Health Consultation

Herbal medicine is the use of plants for their medicinal and healing constituents and properties, and is a healing modality and tradition that is perhaps the oldest healing practice on the planet. Humans have been making use of the healing properties of plants since the dawn of our species. The use of herbal medicine has existed in every culture on the globe, since before recorded history, and the traditions and practices of herbalism continue to this day. Herbal medicine as a practice was traditionally an integral part of the life and health of a community, being the primary form of healthcare for millennia, as is still the case in many places today. Age old traditions have merged with modern healthcare advancements and scientific understandings of human health, the body, plants and plant constituents, to form what is modern herbalism today.

An Herbal Health Consultation is a whole picture consultation that examines how your lifestyle, diet and thought patterns are affecting your health. First the awareness, then the herbs come in. We will discover which plant allies can support you in this process of natural healing and returning to a balanced state of health. Taking control of your own health is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself. Consultations are about an hour long.  Many times, just through this conversation, people begin to see how all the puzzle pieces create a whole picture of their health. The purpose is to collect information and then come up with a personal health protocol for you.  It will consist not only of recommendations of herbal remedies and supplements, but also of potential dietary and lifestyle shifts.  Often herbs are the last thing recommended, as someone’s diet, lifestyle, constitution and preventative health measures are also considered in a holistic way first. Herbs are intended to help support your body in its natural inclination to return to a state of balance. When medicinal herbs are given, the practitioner and the recipient, along with the plants are all engaging in a timeless healing tradition!