Life Coaching: Wheel of Life Exercise

When life gets busy or you get pulled off track, it can be easy to lose sight of what it is you want to be doing with your life and how you want to be living it. It's important to pause every so often to reflect upon how you're spending your time. This exercise will set the foundation for making shifts in where your energy goes so that you can live life more consciously and in return be doing the things that you most want to do. In reflection with Theresa, you will take inventory of the major areas of your life you spend your time and also those areas that get neglected. Through this process, you'll settle into more clarity in where you want to be putting your energy and brainstorm ways of shifting the way you are currently living to better align with the way you want to be living. Sometimes this means being creative with how you inspire yourself to do certain activities and other times it means letting things go to make space for what's most important. With time being one of our most precious commodities, choosing to spend it consciously will support you in living the life you dream.