PsychoSpiritual Counseling and Coaching

Stress, worry, anxiety, depression, general unhappiness — Most of us are familiar with these mental and emotional conditions and their physical manifestations. They steal our energy and enthusiasm for life and are harmful to the healthy functioning of our bodies. But, we are told, they are a normal part of life and we are offered numerous coping mechanisms, including drugs, to give us some measure of relief. PsychoSpiritual Counseling and Coaching takes a much different approach. There is nothing “normal” or “inevitable” about stress, worry, anxiety or depression. Stress is NOT required! Our natural state is one of energetic joy and enthusiasm for life!  Why, then, do we suffer like this? Because we have been improperly programmed! We have been conditioned since birth (and probably before that) by parents, society and culture. Many of our beliefs, assumptions, personality patterns and behaviors are programmed into us and often operate beneath the surface of our conscious minds. Some of these are harmless or even helpful, but so many are the root cause of our distress. PsychoSpiritual Counseling and Coaching brings these conditioned beliefs and patterns to the light of our awareness to free us from their grip on our minds, hearts and bodies. This is done through dialogue, de and re programming, music, meditation and a variety of transformative PsychoSpiritual practices. The coaching part is critical — together, you the client and the practitioner design an ongoing practice routine that will assist you on your path to liberation!