Kaleidoscopic Constellations

Family/ Systemic Constellations is a beautiful way of seeing and integrating how our past lineages inform our present lives.


How many times have we looked up at the night sky… just being still… watching the clouds move and observing a star appearing – surprising – illuminating – quietly dramatic. Constellation work enables us to source a kaleidoscopic gaze, recognizing that one shift, one slight turn allows the luminous fragments of our life to be beheld in a wholly different view.


You’re in a cathedral, a synagogue, a sacred space. Your gaze is drawn towards a stained glass window –-ostensibly you’ve arrived in this space with a query, a prayer, a quest for discernment. Your mind quiets. Perhaps an answer, a new way of asking or knowing, arises within you.


But how does it work? We can look at the night sky or walk into a building –- we do that all of the time. Well, together we turn and gaze at what is arising.  We access what is called The Knowing Field, with the understanding that everything holds an energetic imprint, essence, vibration. As we step into The Field, we source information arising through our bodily sensations, emotions, and imagery via representative, a person or possibly an object.  This practice enables us to access our native somatic intelligence.

In its historical roots, Family & Systemic Constellations is a modality founded and developed by Burt Hellinger, weaving together indigenous understandings of ancestral healing, family systems therapy, influenced by Rupert Sheldrake’s understanding of “morphic fields.”  As a trained facilitator, I offer one-on-one or group sessions.

Constellations is a very permeable form that enables practitioners to weave together their own modalities and capacities. As a ceremonialist and arts producer, I incorporate elements of both ritual and expressive arts into facilitation of Family & Systemic Constellations work, which I call Ritual or Kaleidoscopic Constellations.  

Learn more: https://www.theouteredge.net/constellations

Kathleen Mandeville