Let your body and mind relax in a remote Lightfield session so you can start creating the life you want!

The Lightfield Foundation offers two science-based technologies that let you enter into an effortless, instant state of quiet and meditation. Not only can you take an inner vacation in an hour-long session in our two technologies but you can experiment with your own awareness to create a better life! By relaxing in the silence inside, you can use your innate creativity to start manifesting the life you want through your own intentions.  The inner silence inside you lets you find your path and find what makes your heart sing!

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Experience a remote session from anywhere in the world!

Just as we know when we say a prayer, send someone love or feel that intuitive connection without any physical wires, we understand that instinctively and we begin to feel our Oneness and connections outside of matter. It's the same in a remote session. The energy travels on fields of light or "light fields".  We require just a photo, signature and your birthdate to complete your remote session.  They can be sent by email or US mail, but must reach Lightfield no less than 72 hours prior to your appointment.  They carry specific information about you and that energy finds you. 

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All Lightfield operators are volunteers and many of them are practitioners in their own alternative health businesses.  Each person goes through a minimum of three full days of training and they are all kind, compassionate and respectful of each client's personal information and confidentiality.