Shamanic Reiki

Shamanism is an ancient indigenous practice that combines energies of earth, animals, plants, and spirit to bring about healing on a soul level. Reiki is an alternative healing practice where the practitioner serves as a channel of universal life energy for the individual with whom they’re working. Shamanic reiki blends these two ancient practices into a spiritually-guided healing modality that allows individuals to reconnect to nature, and spirit – and ultimately, to themselves.  Each session is a unique blend of healing specific to an individual’s needs, and is guided by their innate intelligence, or higher self, activating one’s own natural healing process. The practitioner is not “the healer” per se, but rather the healing facilitator — the individual is healing him/herself. Healing can occur on any combination of a multitude of levels: spiritual, mental, physical and emotional. People who experience this type of energy healing often report feeling more energized, balanced, peaceful, clear, and less stressed. Some sleep better, find relief from physical maladies, or experience spiritual awakenings. The effects may be immediate, integrated over time, or both.