Crystal Dreaming®

Crystal Dreaming® is a drug-free, no-touch process that utilizes a precise arrangement of crystals to allow you to access your own higher guidance through an altered or expanded state of consciousness. During a session energies not aligned with unconditional love become apparent. Challenges and blockages to achievement are resolved using a variety of techniques, oftentimes including past life regression. The result is a clearing of negative energies and patterns of experience that are affecting your sense of well-being. From this expanded state of awareness, it is common for life-changing positive and immediate results to occur.

This advanced technique is designed to clarify and strengthen your Life’s purpose and your awareness of the steps to take to achieve that purpose. During the process, you may have the opportunity to:

  • Integrate with your Higher Self
  • Consciously align with your life’s plan
  • Activate past life skills and talents
  • Download information to assist you in fulfilling your purpose

Some things to understand about your Crystal Dreaming session:

  • You will be lying down on a mat on the floor, surrounded by high vibrational crystals
  • Please do not wear any essential oils or perfumes during your session
  • You will remain in complete control of your experience
  • Any suppressed energies will be identified from a place of power, love, and curiosity, and the experience is liberating rather than painful
  • You’ll probably be feeling reflective after your session, and arranging some time afterwards to process and integrate the experience would be useful
  • You may have an opportunity to receive answers to Life’s most important questions. It would be useful to take some time before your session to think about what you might like to explore.
  • Crystal Dreaming is NOT appropriate if you are under the age of eighteen, are pregnant, feel mentally unstable, or have experienced a recent psychotic episode.