MediSounds® are based on the Tree of Life as described in the Kabbalah.

The energies (Sefirot) that are displayed on the Tree constitute our makeup as humans. Indeed, they are a blueprint for the energies of this world and beyond. Understanding these energies (also called powers), and knowing how to use them can vastly improve a variety of circumstances on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. One application is toward the spiritual and emotional ramifications of our own illness, the grief and incomprehension that can come with it. The human voice has consciousness in it – and it is effective as a meditative and healing tool. 

A session with Shulamit consists of her sounding to gain access to the energetic and emotional aspects of the client’s problem.  Her insight is then discussed with the client and together they decide if that accurately reflects their experience. Once an agreement is reached, Shulamit resumes sounding to move the energies to achieve a greater degree of harmony. If appropriate, the client will learn a sound to take home.