Rubenfeld Synergy®

The Rubenfeld Synergy® Method is a holistic fusion of touch, talk, and compassionate listening. The Synergist works with the intention of fostering connection between body, mind, emotions and spirit to facilitate healing and personal development. The interaction between synergist and client is based on awareness of the messages from the body in the atmosphere of curious inquiry. Often the client conducts little experiments of movement or imagery and lets the synergist know what they have discovered. The session is conducted in the present moment.

However, “we are part of all that we have met”, as the poet says. Many familiar patterns of tension that may have been useful in the past are now not necessary, and releasing them can lead to more ease and flow in life. Although our histories are stored in our bodies, they can be revisited in the present moment and revised in healthy ways through our nervous system and musculature as well as through our more compassionate messages to ourselves.

 Rubenfeld Synergy® combines the Alexander Technique, the Feldenkrais Method, Gestalt therapy and Ericksonian hypnotherapy in a unique synergy of these deep modalities. Ilana Rubenfeld, the founder, was a well-known musician, until an injury sent her in the direction of learning and teaching these ways of using the bodymind for healing. She then connected them in this method in 1975 that earned her the Pathfinders Award from the Association for Humanistic Psychology.