Voice Journey®

Voice Journey® is a holistic, therapeutic approach to voicework that cultivates familiarity with and trust in the voice, emphasizing increased awareness of the intrinsic nature of vocal vibration as it relates to physical, mental, and emotional health and transcendental states. It is an exploration of who we are and who we can be, in how we identify and express ourselves with our voices.  Respectfully drawing on techniques from ancient indigenous traditions as well as contemporary methods, we can experience the profound healing and inspiring power of vocal vibration.

Your voice is your constant companion.  It knows everything about you and whether you know it or not, your voice tells others a lot about you – profoundly affecting the people around you.  It also vibrates throughout your body, affecting your physical, mental, emotional and psychological states.  Your voice has the potential to teach you many things and bring you into new states of being – if you only learn how to listen to it.